Why the name Necramonium?


One of the many meanings of νεκρο- (nekro-) in Latin is "death, corpse", combined with the word "Media", it becomes "dead media". And with A.I enhancements, i bring this dead media back to live!


Starting with videos in 2006, as one of the first content creators on YouTube, i started my passion that is video editing, in all those years i took in allot of experience with the many projects i have worked on for YouTubers and my own projects.


Eventually this developed into the full blown multi-episode, unauthorized documentary "KISS Through The Years", already being hailed by fans, as one of the best documentaires about the legendary rock band!


Now with Necramonium Media, i wanna expand my video editing, planned for the future are documentaries filmed by myself, drones footage, and a physical studio where people can visit for their projects and to record audio/video!